Choosing a Laminate Floor For Your Next Project

Choosing a Laminate Floor For Your Next Project

There are a quite a few different choices when it comes to buying laminate flooring on Long Island. With so many different styles, colors and manufacturers to choose from, can sometimes make it difficult for consumers to make a decision.

There are different types of laminates – so let’s try to see which would work best for your home or project.

Different Types of Laminate Flooring

Consider the different categories of installation type when choosing a laminate floor. This is important to consider especially if you plan to install the laminate flooring yourself. Be sure to pick a floor with the kind of installation method you’d prefer to use. The different installation types for laminate flooring are:


Glueless or Click Lock Flooring

Most laminates fall into this category of easy to install, glueless click lock.


Laminate Flooring with Underpad Attached

Some laminate flooring comes with a pre-attached underlayment, which makes installation even quicker and easier. Laminate floors without a pre-attached underpad often require that an underlayment be put down prior to installation, providing cushion & sound absorption. Additionally, if the laminate floor is being installed on or below grade, or in an area subject to moisture, a separate thin plastic underlayment will need to be laid down prior to installation of the laminate floor to provide a moisture barrier (aka vapor barrier). This needs to be done whether the laminate floor has a pre-attached underlayment or not.


Glued Laminate

You’ll need to glue the joints together. While this makes for a very strong floor once installed, installation cost and time is higher than with a glueless click lock.



Here, the joints have a glue already applied to them, but may need to be moistened to activate the glue before you join them together.


Surface Types

You may want to pick your floor simply based on what the surface will look like. As we’ve said before, laminates are always changing. Where there once was one basic surface to choose from, now there are many.

  • Smooth: Plain finish. You can choose between high, medium and low gloss finishes.
  • Textured: Some laminates come with a textured finish, with a printed grain.
  • Hand Scraped Laminate Flooring: This process adds an antiqued look to your laminate floor.

Durability Rating

For those who look for durability as a way to decide on a laminate product, the AC rating is an ideal guide. Use it to check your expected usage, or foot traffic, against what the floor was built to withstand. AC stands for Abrasion Class and an impartial 3rd party has set the standard for 5 different categories of use and durability.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the AC Rating, the higher the price.

These are just a few of the things you should know when choosing the right laminate flooring for your home on Long Island. Call Accent Flooring today for a free, no obligation quote!



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